Sunday, 8 September 2013

Easy DIY toiletry organiser tutorial

Hey all!

As a student, I live in a smallish room in a manor with 40 other people, so space and organisarion is absolutely critical! Until this weekend all of my toiletries were stuffed lying down in a drawer, and were constantly going missing or being left behind when I went to the shower.

I had finally had enough! So combining a few ideas and techniques I found floating around online, I have created this ridiculously easy toiletry organiser on the inside of my cupboard door.

I absolutely love it! It's fantastic to be able to see exactly what I have, and be able to grab anything within a moment's notice!

To do this yourself you will only need a few things: A shower caddy, shower curtain rings, hooks (I used adhesive ones), a magnetic strip and, of course, your toiletries! In total, the materials needed didn't cost any more than $6.

Firstly, I adhered the two hooks where I wanted the shower caddy and hair ribbons to hang. I didn't go very high, as I am quite short, but I also like things to be slightly below eye level. Really, it is completely up to you and the space you are working in.
Oh! If you are using adhesive hooks, remember to leave them for about 10 minutes before hanging anything off them, to ensure they stick properly.

Next, I hung the shower caddy. Place all of your bottles and cans in the basket, keeping the shorter ones to the front, so that you can see what you have. All of these are now wonderfully organised and within reach! I'm not longer sifting through the drawer or on my hands and knees looking through the bathroom vanity.

On the shelf underneath that, hang things which are skinnier at the bottom and wide at the top (like cream tubes or toothpaste). This creates LOADS more storage space, stops things from sliding or falling off the shelf and makes everything so much easier to see! I also just tucked my toothbrush behind these.

Now get out those shower curtain rings. These are perfect organisers in any situation at all! I hooked my hairbands onto a couple and used those to hang them off one of the hooks on the shower caddy. Off the other shower caddy hook, I hung my hair brush and a couple of my headbands.

Because I have rather short hair, my favourite accessories are clips! And I have lots of them! I also love tying a cute bow in my hair too. Usually, however, I would have to sort through a box of them to find one to put in my hair, and I would often lose or forget about them. So, to store and organise these hair clips and ribbons, I tied a loose loop in each of the ribbons and threaded them onto another shower ring. I then clipped my accessories onto those ribbons, hanging the whole shower ring off the other adhesive hook.

Lastly, grab that magnetic strip and stick it across the bottom. It's a perfect organiser for those fiddly bobby pins, which, in my case, used to always get lost! You could also attach a magnet to the back of your makeup pallets and store them here also, ready to grab just before you rush out the door!

And voila! You will wonder why you didn't organise things like this earlier!

I also have fallen in love with those shower curtain rings.... but I will leave that for another day!

What have been your organisational life savers? Let us know in the comments!

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