Monday, 30 December 2013

Road trip!

Hey all!

What are you all up to this fine day? I'm in car somewhere between Jugiong and Yass, returning home after a week in Melbourne... For those who aren't too familiar with rural Australia, here is a pic from the car window:

Yep, that's a lot of not very much! Haha.

But I am curious, how do you entertain the younger members of your family whilst on car trips? With my little brother and I now both in our late teens, we rarely need more than an iPod to keep us amused, however, I do remember playing many a game of I Spy when I was younger!

So let me know, how do you keep the little ones busy? Do you subscribe to the use of technology, or do you prefer travel games? Comment below!

Also, I massively apologise for not having a fuller post up today, however I won't be getting home until late tonight... I'll try and get one up tomorrow, maybe a New Years' theme, perhaps?