Thursday, 5 September 2013

Please help out!

Hey all,

I know this blog gets quite a bit of traffic already so please just take a moment to read the following;

Late December 2011 my father, Wing Commander Grant Stuchbury, of the Royal Australian Air Force, passed away suddenly, and by suddenly I mean, I woke up one morning and suddenly didn't have a Dad.
It was then that I met some people from this amazing organisation called Legacy. They quite literally caught my broken family and pieced us back together in every part of our lives, from organising the funeral, to grocery shopping, to legal documentation and paperwork, to sending us on an annual holiday, all completely free of charge to us!

Legacy is a fantastic organisation which spans across all of Australia, providing all kinds of support to the families of Australia's incapacitated and deceased war veterans. For my late father's birthday this year, I have decided to fundraise for this wonderful organisation and I ask everyone to please consider donating!

Added bonus - this week is Legacy Week! So please, show your support and help this organisation help other families like mine!

You can donate at this website:

Thank you!!!!

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