Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tutorial: Watermelon Greeting Card!

Hey there!

Today I shall run you through a very simple watermelon greeting card tutorial, which produces cute and fun results!

You will need:
- blank card
- green and white paper
- pink patterned paper
- glue and scissors
- pencil and black marker
- message
- mounting foam

1. Cut the blank card into a semi circle shape, with the straight edge at the card's fold.

2. Cover this semi circle with green paper.

3. Glue down a smaller semi circle of white, and then again with the patterned paper, so it looks like this:

4. Colour in a few black seeds with the marker, randomly and across the pink part of your watermelon.

 5. Stick on your message with mounting foam and voila! A watermelon greeting card!

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